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About Longines Watches

At the place of Longines, watches are the bits of aesthetic craftsmanship that ooze the brightest sparkle of class through the designs. The timepieces are outlined with the sublime looks that emanate an atmosphere of a predominant style of watchmaking. Through every accumulation, the brand whispers the majestic plans that make the timepieces alluring in outlines and making. They have accompanied an interest of an ever-enduring refinement that must be portrayed through their fine craftsmanship. The substance draws out the untold magnificence of these watches, which is embellished by the watch mates over the world.

The brand has classified its scope of accumulations as indicated by the interest of the watches. It has given a title to each of the classifications to connote the genuine quintessence of its style. Style, Watchmaking Tradition, Equestrian, Sport and Heritage are the names given by the brand to explain the divine plans of the timepieces. Get a look at their stunning watchmaking style.

Longines Elegance – Carry your Attitude dependably with you:

The agreeable outline of the watches forces you to feel the master touch of specialists of the brand. Every watch adroitly grasps the wrists of the era to give their identity an eye-getting appearance. These watches are for the individuals who love to stay champion in the group. The polish classification contains the excellence of probably the most looked for after accumulations that incorporate DolceVita, Primaluna, Symphonette, La Grande Classique, Presence and Flagship.

The DolceVita accumulation mirrors the great class of the watchmaking through the inventive style of the plan. It pays tribute to the pleasant voyage of the life that is faultless anticipated through a line of timepieces of the brand. The accumulation invites new watches outlined with the delicate lines of making for the ladies who are conventional yet grand in their methods for living.

The Primaluna has taken a motivation from the interest of the brightest star in the sky of the spring night. The star that oozes the brightest sparkles and all of a sudden gets vanished means the progressing voyage of the time. The accumulation catches the divine excellence of the starry sky that is revealed through the glimmering magnificence of the precious stones.

The Symphonette accumulation thinks of an exceptional blend of tastefulness and innovation. The name of the accumulation enlightens everything concerning the watches of the band. It is the ensemble of the creation that can be felt through the outline of the watches. The timepieces are made in a way that you can encounter the contemporary plan without missing the touch of polish.

The Le Grande Classique De Longines draws the tasteful appeal of the customary watchmaking of the Longines. The smooth and thin look of the plan mirrors the fine craftsmanship of the brand, and these timepieces additionally draw out the normal for the first craftsmanship of the brand. They are intended to beauty the wrists of ladies who value the exemplary pattern of the time.

The Presence accumulation characterizes the great polish of the time through the timepieces as they have concocted a quiet plan of the conventional period. Every specifying of the timepieces takes wearers back in time when outlines got a heavenly look with the sensitive creating style. The roman numerals on the dial loan a perfect delight to the plan of the watches.

The Longines Lyre follows the historical backdrop of the brand’s watchmaking custom with the imperishable interest of the watches. You can witness the fine style of the brand through the plans of the dial that turns the pages of the brand’s legacy. The roman numerals balance sophistically on the white dials that make an enchantment of watchmaking.